Friday, March 18, 2011

Got Into Gears

 I finished working on Colleen's steampunk block this past week.  This first picture is how it came to me.  It's heavy with all the metal on it, but... I made it heavier.
 Here's a picture of the whole block after what I did.  I added a couple of seams, a gear trail, some seashells, and a piece of Uruguayan history.  The yellow badge is from the local electric company and was used to mark electric meters.


Ruby said...

I'm undecided whether or not I like this theme. I do find the posts intriguing! Are those keys for clocks? I didn't see the star in the first photo, did you add it?

Whether it's to my liking or not ya'll are doing a great job! :)

Meg Welch said...

Yep, I added the star, and the keys are for all kinds of things!