Wednesday, October 19, 2011

First Moldovan Textile Purchases

When we went to the Molovan rugmaking place during our first weekend in country, I bought some textiles!  They did have rugs for sale - beautiful ones - but we didn't have the cash on hand for them.  Anyway, what I did gt was this cute little wheat straw ornament, the embroidered show towel below it, and two meters of fabric woven on their looms.  They were taking the fabric and adding crochet to it to make fantastical tablecloths, but I preferred the fabric on its own.  When the house is put together, the fabric will lay over one of the sideboards in the dining room - yes, sideboards.  We're ending up with three for storage, because there's absolutely no built in storage in the house.


Donna said...

Wow. When I first looked at the ornament, I thought it was beads!

Meg said...

Yep, it's straw and light as a feather. Now to figure out where to put it.