Monday, December 05, 2011

Dancing Feet

I forgot to mention yesterday that the music the kids were dancing to was live.  Here's the band.  More pictures of the dancers, too!


Susan said...

Wonderful to see these; makes me wish for once for audio....

And of course it's quite the tickle to see the hand-done embroidery and to know it's new and being passed on is great; in so many places there is still little value placed on local history/skills. Just fuels my desire to go see for myself but in the meantime I'll hang out here. :)

Do patterns exist for such clothing design? Or closeup photos? I've tried to find such by googling but have largely missed the boat.

Meg said...

Thei shirt pattern is very very similar to the Folklore brand one for both the boys and girls. It's a very simple T with a drawstring yoke. The aprons are simple rectangles of fabric held by sashes. I haven't seen any specifically Moldovan patterns yet, but I've only been here less than three months. I plan to chart some before I leave here in three years. I -think- there might be some closer up photos of some shirts later in this series of photos by my husband.