Friday, January 13, 2012

Serial Finish

Wow, posting about two needlepoint finishes in a row!  This is one of the XOctagon series I've subscribed to from Fireside Stitchery - the first one, in fact, and only one I've received.  All our mail has been being held in Istanbul since oh... the middle of December?  Occasionally, the embassy gets in a few bags, but Turkish Air claims there's no delivery deadline from the US post office, so they can take as long as they please to deliver it.  The problem is, they're not delivering it at all.  So this is the only one in the series I have.  I really like it, though, and will be making it up into a small ornament.   The instructions were great, and the materials were plentiful in the kit.

Now to get the mail moving, so I can have more things to work on!  And get in my Christmas exchanges.

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