Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Creeping Up on Color

The other half of this top part has the peacock's head on it.  The only problem is it's about sixty stitches to the right of the farthest out point at the moment.  Do you think I should go ahead and start the head and introduce more color?  What happens if I accidentally miscount and get to the point where they join - and they don't?  Do I rip it all out?  Or should I be patient and wait until they join and I start working back up?  I'm going back and forth on this question.  It's a matter of wanting more color!


Miss Eagle said...

What about using washable pen and mark areas 10x10? then you will have no problem with placing the peacock's head

Mouse said...

mmmm grid it or wait is my thoughts on the matter... thats and awful lot of stitching to go wrong and frog if you miss count :) love mouse xxxxx

Meg said...

I don't think I'll use a marker, but I'm very tempted to just go for it. Will probably break down and do it within the next couple of weeks.