Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Good Looking Marines!

 Our Marine Security Detachment is only five Marines and a Gunny here.  The Marine on the right in the top picture was visiting. All the rest are our detachment.  We were down one (not yet assigned) at the time of the Ball.  Aren't our Marines good looking in their dress blues?


Lana said...

Aaaw! Look at all the pretty Marines! Me and the hubs went to his father's ball this year (He's a retired Marine)I just love the sword ceremony! So amazing!!! My hubby is Air Force, so stuck out a bit in his uniform there, but it's alright! Fun was had by all!

Meg Welch said...

He wouldn't have stuck out much here - most here are Army, plus all the Moldovan military and Romanian and so on... Lots of pretty uniforms. And yes, our Marines are awesome. We -finally- have a full detachment after over a year, since the new Gunny got here over the weekend.

Nairobi said...

Men in uniform