Sunday, March 24, 2013

We've Discovered Pani Pit

For quite a while, we'd been meaning to go to Pani Pit.  We just never got the opportunity.  My office had lunch there a week and a half ago, and Andreas went with.  It was excellent.  According to the locals in the office, Pani Pit's zeama is the best in Chisinau.  It was very good, truly, but I think El Greco's is better.  Both, though, use all white meat chicken.  I also had a pear and camembert salad, pictured second.  The salad was freshly made and wonderful.

 Andreas had the pork with pears.  You can see the presentation in this picture.  It gets ooohs every time it's brought out.  The red glaze is a pear and berry sauce that complemented the pork wonderfully.  Andreas loved it.
A few other people had these shrimp on zucchini fritters.  I tasted one of the fritters - they're sweet, but not too sweet, and definitely not heavy or oily.  The pesto sauce over the top is good, too.  We will definitely be going back.

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