Thursday, August 22, 2013

Wool Skeins

Each of these skeins were about twenty cents!  Andreas almost had me buy the whole box, but I only bought about 20 skeins.... they're all so pretty and feel really soft.  Now to go back to Odessa and buy more.


Jane said...

Meg, those look delicious! What kind of fiber are they? Wool, laceweight? If they are, I would be very willing to pay postage on them... :-)

Meg Welch said...

They seem to be wool and lighter than laceweight. You'd get decent coverage on an 18 count canvas, but would have to double up on 13 count. As for the rest, I haven't been back to Odessa to buy more yet. Probably won't get there until next April or May, what with all our other traveling these days.