Saturday, November 30, 2013

Working In The Salt Mine....

 There are two different tours of the famous salt mines of Krakow.  One tour goes through all the beautiful, lit galleries and past the hospital.  The other is the "miner's tour."  In this tour, you are put to work as an apprentice miner.  This includes dressing you up in miner's gear, including an oxygen generator, headlamp, and coveralls.  Most of the tour is lit only by headlamps.  It's small groups, too.  Andreas and I were the only ones in our group!  This contrasts with the couple hundred per group of the tourist route. We mined the salt above and were allowed to take it home.  The photo below is the only one I was able to take of the tour because my camera wasn't charged.

If you like a bit of adventure and a bit of climbing and work, I recommend the miners' tour to you.  It was a great experience and taught us a lot about mining!

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