Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Saharna Monastery

 We went on a day trip to the northeast of Moldova on the first Saturday in May, taking a picnic and exploring.  We had with us someone with a broken leg, and had borrowed a wheelchair for her.  Things like this make you realize exactly how unfriendly Moldova is to handicapped people.  There aren't many photos of the monastery because it discourages them.  The place is beautiful and restful - and the day matched.  There are five areas of this monastery - the new monastery, the old one, the spring, the waterfall, and the footstep of Mary on the nearby ridge.  These first two photos are the new monastery.

 This is the stone above the entrance to the old monastery.  People tuck prayers into the rock.  Below is inside the old part.

This is a piece of woods between the spring and the waterfall.  

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