Sunday, September 14, 2014

My Marasesti Photos

 In the previous set of photos of Marasesti there were no outdoor shots.  It was because it was rainy and Andreas didn't want to risk his nice camera.  My point and shoot is pretty rainproof, so I took some.  This place sits right on the highway and is massive.  It's beautiful and serene, too, except for the car wash beggar.  This is one of the places commercialism has yet to touch in Romania.  The museum being built next to it seems to have stopped mid-construction. I'd like to see it finished.  

Marasesti was a massive battle on the Romanian front during WWI.  It was after many Romanian defeats by the Central Powers in 1916 and the rebuilding of the army over that winter.  The Romanians fought bravely and this monument is a postwar tribute to them.  Too many died.  There are several smaller graveyards and mausoleums in the area for more bodies. 

Visiting this place has prompted me to read more about the Romanian front in WWI.

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