Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Good Evening GluKoza

GluKoza bills itself as a grill type place, but I've never seen any grilling going on there.  On the other hand, almost everything else is very good.  We had mixed drinks, lemonades, and prosecco.  Then we started the food.  No one did have a sheikh, though.

Andreas had a greek salad, some olives, and some salmon sashimi.  I tried the salmon.  It seemed slimy and bland to me, which is better than fish usually tastes in my mouth.  Kerry was with us and her sashimi had a bunch of other things in it.  She also had tiger shrimp skewers, which she said were great.

Andreas' stir fry was pretty meh, but my tempura was very good.  The big disappointment of the night was my steak.  I had ordered it medium rare and it came out well done, making it pretty much inedible.  My cappucino and Andreas' tea were excellent endings along with the creme brulee and choccolate lava cake desserts.

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