Saturday, March 19, 2016

Dinner Out At Kymbu

A group from the embassy went to Kymbu restaurant last week.  It was a good experience, and the place is beautiful.  It's in Talatona, and is part of a resort compound.  Our table was outdoors and close to a pool.  The food was well presented and tasted like it had been prepared with care.  Serving was partially family style and partially individual.

There were two kinds of breads and three toppings in the couvert.  One was regular bread and the other had chorizo in the middle.  Andreas said the tuna topping was very good for tuna.  There was also a generous bit of butter and a large handful of olives.  Andreas gobbled those up too.

I had a caprioska to drink.  I would have had a second one if they had brought it to me... it was nice and freshly lime, but not as strong as it should have been.

Both Andreas and I had the picana steaks.  They were juicy and flavorful.  The smears of balsamic and wine sauces were pretty but not big enough to flavor the steaks.  The main came with black beans, rice, and french fries.  The sides, with the exception of the beans, were served family style.  The bean were unspiced.  They could have used some.  French fries were crispy, and the rice was white.

Below is a photo of part of the outside dining area.  The place is pretty big!  We will go back, as, with the exchange rate, dinner was about $25 per person plus tip.

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