Monday, May 30, 2016

Lunch At Ollympians, Alexandria

 Last week I went shopping with a friend at Wegman's in Alexandria.  After shopping, we decided to eat lunch at a place close by called Olympians.  It was still just before noon on a weekend, so they were still serving breakfast, too.  We decided to do Greek.  I introduced her to Greek cheese - saganaki - and we had a bunch of food, including leftovers.  The avgolemono was good, though it could have used more lemon and less rice.  The gyro meats were also good. Tzatziki was a bit runny.  

This is one of those restaurants that tries to do everything.  On its menu was breakfast, Greek , Italian, pizza, and hamburgers.  They could do a lot better if they cut down the menu and concentrated on doing fewer things well.

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