Sunday, August 07, 2016

A Rare Ipsy

This is one of my rare ipsy shipments that has gotten through.  Even though there's only make up in these things, the shippers put ORM-D labels on them. ORM-D stands for "Other Restricted Materials - Domestic."  That label is why we cannot ship nail polish.  Or perfume.  Or any of a dozen other innocuous items.  This means I get one out of every three or four ipsy and Julep shipments.  It's disappointing on so many levels.  By the way, according to the rules this one shouldn't have made it.  The minute amount of hydrocarbons in the eye make up remover should have had this returned.  Because, you know, such a small amount has an infinitessimal chance of blowing up a plane.  By infinitessimal, I'm talking about less than one in a million.  By orders of magnitude.