Saturday, November 12, 2016

Meal With A View

This was the view in July when we went out to dinner with Marialice at Cais do Quatro.  It's a restaurant on the Ilha that is right over the water on the bay side.  The view is of Luanda, lit up at night.  With poor visibility, it's pretty and hides a lot of problems. 
The food is really good, too.  I had cheese and walnut ravioli and some carpaccio.  The (overly expensive) little things they put on your table before you order were okay.  Bread, butter, olives, and tuna spread.  This is typical, and the little plate can cost you $10 each.  Definitely not worth it, but it's one way all the restaurants try to get more money out of you here.  Marialice and Andreas each had a steak, of different kinds, and like it.  Most beef here is imported from Brazil.  They had dessert.  I had cappucino, which was waaaay too bitter.

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