Tuesday, October 03, 2017

ABC Stitch Therapy Stash

 As I had to go to Houston overnight to pick up Andreas, I decided to stop in at ABC Stitch Therapy and throw extra business at Houston for hurricane Harvey recovery.  While I did find some things, I spent only about half of what I had budgeted for the trip because of the sales people.  While they were not downright rude, they were completely indifferent and uninterested in helping, suggesting, or even conversing.  Not a way to run a business.  I won't be throwing any of my online orders that way, despite ordering online every couple of weeks.


pamelaric said...

Especially sad when you hear that Nordic Needle is closing its doors. The only other one that I like is Silver Needle in Tulsa. Great on line and dynamite in person.

Margo's Musings said...

Sorry to hear that! I haven't been to ABC. When I visited Houston this summer, I went to 3 Stitches - lovely people. The shop had lots of old stuff and new stuff - it was like a treasure hunt. Completely blew my budget! Would love to go back!