Sunday, November 19, 2017

Angolan Resort Food

Yes, it took this long to pull these photos off of my phone.
This is from one of the last activities we did in Angola - we went with CLO to a resort an hour out of town.  The place was nice, and the food was good, but, like almost everything else in Angola, it had issues.  The resort is on a lake and a bit in the interior.
The menu was fixed for everyone.  We started with little amuse bouches and then went to a frou frou appetizer.  I did try the fish course, and at the onion frizee, but I still don't get the appeal of fish.  I also had a couple of caprainhas.  The beef course was very good, as was the mousse dessert.
The problems with the place were the usual - poor plumbing and poor service.  But we're gone now and we had a nice lunch out.  I will post the photos of the actual resort tomorrow.

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