Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Dannie's Cookies

A couple of weeks ago, our CLO held a cookie exchange. All good, right? Nope. It was at 10 on a Wednesday morning, which meant anyone who works could not attend. The CLO office here is notorious for not holding things when working family members can attend. Since I had talked about doing a cookie exchange BEFORE they scheduled one, you'd think they'd make it so those of us who work could attend. But no. So, when they posted photos of it to their facebook page, I kind of threw a fit about how they'd get better attendance if they actually included, you know, the majority of us who work at post. 
Dannie saw my comments and made these cookies for me, as kind of an apology to CLO and to mitigate my disappointment a bit. It was very sweet of her, and totally not who it should have come from.
Thank you, Dannie. The cookies cheered me up a bit and they were delicious. It's been a very hard December for me. Let's hope the new year is better.


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