Monday, August 28, 2006

My Way

I know a lot of stitchers out there do their work in blocks of time. My question for them is how do you measure your time on a piece? Me - I've never been able to. I first started stitching heavily when my children were at the ice rink six days a week, six to seven hours a day. I needed something to do to keep my hands busy and to keep me from feeling I was wasting my time every day. Enter stitching projects. Pick them up, put them down, pick them up ... you get the idea. How do you measure that kind of time? You don't. That is still, despite my skaters being grown, how I stitch. Pick it up, do one to a hundred stitches, put it down. So, instead of rotating works in progress by time, I rotate them by amount of floss used. I thread the needle, stitch the floss length, and go to the next project. One advantage of this system is that you are constantly making progress on all of your works in progress. Weird, I know, but it works for me.

On Thursday, I'll post my current works in progress as pictures. Will try to take a new picture every week. That way I can tell I'm making progress, too.

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