Monday, September 25, 2006

Goldwork Ground

So, this is the beginning of my first goldwork project. I'm following the directions rather carefully, so under the silk top layer is a linen twill layer attached with staples to a wooden frame made by my wonderful husband. Unlike the transfer for the crewel class that I completed last week, this teacher is having me attach the paper to the fabric and tack the design outline with running stitches. As of now, I think I like it better and would probably use it for crewel. I started the process today. The initial tacking will take a lot longer, but no pencil or carbon smudges and less likelihood of slippage. It seems to give more control, too. Next week's picture will show how the tacking looks on the silk.


Anonymous said...

If you have any goldwork questions, e-mail me.
Lynn, currently taking a Metal Thread Embroidery (a.k.a., goldwork) ICC

Meg said...

Thanks, Lynn!