Thursday, September 21, 2006

The Other Projects

I decided to lump in all the other works in progress in one pictureless post because there wasn't much difference in the photos my husband took on Sunday vs the ones he had taken the previous week. So, what's done? Today I finished Bleu Normandie. I also have to start a goldwork class I signed up for on the Classic Stitches website. It started on the eleventh and I got my kit in the mail on Tuesday. Until then, I'd forgotten about it. So - I start stitching on that today. The Medieval Town Mandala is progressing - I finished the final over one butterfly today, and get to work another Treasure Braid square. On the Midi Mystery, I finished the cross stitches from Part 1, which means I get to work all the specialty stitches before going on to Part 2. Getting there - the Rhodes stitches go fast. Since I finished Bleu Normandie, I'm also starting a new ornament. Decided to give Normandie a break and will be working the small design that was given as an extra in the Midi Mystery group. It should go quickly; it's not very big. Pictures will be taken again on Sunday before my husband leaves on his business trip for the week.

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