Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Medieval and Midi

On one, not as much progress as I had hoped - on the other, light at the end of the arch. I'm still backstitching on the fourth part of the Medieval Town Mandala. I hadn't realized there was a black line at the bottom of the flowers all the way around. It's almost done now - though I just started it in this picture. On the Midi Mystery, I have three out of four curves of the arches done! Maybe I can get to something new this week. I actually finished two out of three colors on the fourth curve on Sunday, so... there's hope. I'm sooo sick of them.

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Felicity said...

Absolutely gorgeous! Keep up the good work. I've been watching your progress. I've always wanted to do the Medieval Town project, but didn't get a pattern while it was still available. I'm thinking about doing the St Petersburg one.