Sunday, May 06, 2007

Goldwork Part G Done

So, I was thinking. I don't believe I've ever told y'all how I manage to do goldwork without a frame stand. It works, it's really portable, and it's affordable. I stretch the silk on a frame as usual and leave it on the frame for the duration of the stitching. To have it accessible and both my hands free, I use clamps to attach it to the edge of my dining room table. These clamps are from the hardware store, yes, but they're special clamps. First off, no screws. They have a lever you depress to get them to tighten up. They also have nice cushy pads for the frame and you can make them tight. I've seen one of our cats get onto this (he was promptly shooed off) and the clamps held. I'm planning on taking the clamps with me on my trip.

As for the goldwork, I got another section done - the little blooms of the flower. They're not as round as they should be, but I think they came out all right. Next up - the big leaf in the middle.

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