Monday, July 23, 2007

Cobblefield Road - First Row

I started on the first row of Cobblefield Road this week. It went pretty quickly, but it takes up a LOT of thread. That's why I stopped - I'd gone through more lengths of thread than usual for a rotation. I'll be back to this this week, I hope. It's coming along and I like the colors, though I think I wouldn't have used wool for the top diagonal on the squares.


Needlewoman said...

Congratulations on starting your cobblefield road! I got the border done and need to do more.

Jeanne said...

It looks great! I know what you mean about these stitches using a lot of thread! I tend to use a much longer thread on these than I would on a cross stitch piece, because the thread doesn't go through the canvas as often, so it doesn't get worn as quickly. Of course, then the challenge is not to let it get tangled! Good luck!