Thursday, July 05, 2007

Stash Away

More stash! Aren't you shocked? The top picture has the fabric I'm going to stitch something onto and make a valance for my living room, at the request of my husband. It's about two yards across unfolded. Patterns - three Les Bonheurs des Dames charts and a pretty heart that I'll do in overdyed thread. The magazines are both embroidery ones - Elena has other things besides cross stitch.

I bought the ribbons at a shop in Rouen that sells buttons, ribbons, and a small bit of floss. It's on the Rue de Gros Horologe and we passed it the first time we went to Rouen. I saw the wide bird ribbon in the window and longed for it. So when we went back to Rouen, I bought it and these four others. They have lots of gorgeous ribbons. i might go back on Monday, I'm not sure. A couple of these ribbons are rayon - the others are silk. Really big price difference. The bird ribbon's going to be the centerpiece of a purse like the one I just finished, for me!

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