Friday, January 04, 2008

Backwards Progress

I've made quite a bit of progress on Ares this week despite the backwards stitching. I don't know if it's a good or bad thing that I'm getting comfortable doing it this way. I really want to have this piece done before the end of next week, so I'll be working diligently on it some more. I do wish she had picked three strands instead of two, though. All that black and dark colors on the white are showing how skimpy the coverage is. Not my problem, though.


Anonymous said...

How do you find switching back to "normal" crossing? Do you get confused with your natural stitching after having to concentrate so hard on working the "wrong" way? How long do you work on this piece and how frequently do you change back to your other cross stitch projects or do you stitch your crewel or canvas work in between? (I love the variety of pieces that you choose!)

Meg said...

Once I got used to switching, it wasn't that bad. I still naturally do it the 'right' way, so what's hardest is starting the 'backwards' way. This gets done between every single project so yes, sometimes I go straight from another cross stitch to this one.