Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Leaves Emerging

I've been catching up with the rest of the group on this. It It's coming along pretty well, I think, and I still like my color combination. It'll be coming with me to Europe.


Unknown said...

Hi Meg I read your blog regularly and would like to know if the group for Totales Mysterie is closed or whether one can still join.

Meg said...

The group is open BUT ... you MUST be able to read and write German to join. They expect you to post in German, and babelfish won't cut it. Babelfish translates German to English and English to German very, very badly. It's also a list with under a hundred members, and lurkers are discouraged. You -must- post every single part before they email you the next part. I really like the group. They're friendly ladies. But it's not for people who can't read and write German. I'm currently the only American of any stripe in the group. If you still want the group name, please email me privately and I will provide it.