Sunday, August 24, 2008

Mattie Update

The other night someone asked me why I hadn't posted more about Mattie the Kosovo wonderdog. So I got my husband to take some pictures of her yesterday. She's grown. At four months, she's forty pounds. She's also developed the taste for and the ability to get cookies off the dining room table. Today, she tried for chicken quesadilla. She was -not- successful. Anyway, she's a really happy and enthusiastic puppy and she's growing cute again with the mange clearing up.

Here she is with her sister, the full grown basset Emma. It gives you kind of a perspective on her size.


Sherry said...

Ohhhh She is adorable!!!!

Anonymous said...

I still love her to death! What happened with mange?

Jane in WV

Meg said...

She evidently caught mange before I got her, and it just got worse after she got here. Mange is this mite that lives under the skin and is really nasty! Anyway, she lost a -lot- of her fur and was scratching so hard she got some open sores. With three injections two weeks apart, though, she got all cleared up. Had to get the other two dogs shots too, since it's really contagious. She's all happy and furry again now, though.