Friday, August 15, 2008

Spiraling Corners

I did more string art this week - spirals in the two top corners. They took up a lot of thread but were fairly easy to do. The hardest part was working with the rayon threads. They're from Edmar and are meant for Brazilian embroidery. All I know is that they tangle often and coil around themselves, making these string art bits with them extra difficult. They look pretty, at least. I don't think I'd use them for a project of my design, though. I'd be more likely to use a silk perle or something similar.


Anonymous said...

This looks like a lot of fun to work - very pretty too.

Kathy said...

Have you ever tried Thread Heaven to tame unruly fibers. It works great on a variety of fibers and leaves no residue, etc. Should be available at your LNS.

Meg said...

I've used Thread Heaven before, but this is a case where it doesn't help. This stuff is really tightly coiled on purpose. It makes it easier for all the bullion knots in Brazilian Embroidery. What that means for me is that I'm trying to lay a floss that's meant to be curly - straight. Thread heaven is a wonderful product, but it's just not designed to work on this.