Monday, September 01, 2008

Glacial Progress

Still on the top border of the eighth band, but almost done with it. Not this week, but next, I hope to finish the border. Lots of deadlines before seminar have come up, and I've been working and working on them. Got some stuff done, at least.
Landed in Louisville this evening, and the last thing I needed after a twelve hour car trip was to spend another hour in Louisville trying to get to my hotel. Half of downtown was blocked off and the whole thing was bisected for an Ironman competition. So far, because of that and that there were NO restaurants open for dinner bcause of said competition, my impression of Louisville is less than stellar. Perhaps it will improve when the Ironman competition moves out of town, but you know ... we're to be adhering to a regular schedule on Labor Day tomorrow. Lots and lots of restaurants and shops with notices that they're closed tomorrow in the window. I feel so welcomed. Not.


Front Range Stitcher said...

Your embroidery piece is lovely, so intricate. Love the linen you're using. Sorry your welcome to Louisville was disappointing, I hope things have improved today. That said, there are usually a lot of things closed on Sunday in the South, I'm surprised National didn't address this and give attendees a heads up on what to do if arriving on Sunday. What class are you taking? Have a great time and looking forward to hearing more about it upon your return.

Meg said...

I guess, living in Houston for so long, I expected things to be open as they are there. There were a lot of signs with special closings for yesterday's ironman thing and Labor Day. The trolleys weren't running today so there were a bunch of stitchers walking the five blocks to the Hyatt with loads of stitch supplies, most of them elderly. Not a good thing. Maybe tomorrow will be better.