Sunday, September 28, 2008

Before and After

This is how I received Lyn G's block for the Asian Nights round robin. For some reason, the first two people I've worked on both picked Japan. When I think of Japan, I think of Hello Kitty, Sailor Moon and Caramelldansen. Somehow, I don't think that's what -they- were thinking when they made the blocks. Anyway, this top picture shows how the block came to me. It had a lot of potential. I'm not used to working with such bright, hot colors, so it was a challenge.

After a lot of thinking about what others would think was Japanese, I finally came up with an idea for a motif. I made a stream of falling maple leaves down the black. To edge them, I made a fairly simple border. Then, since it's a round robin, I put in the kanji that is supposed to be "friend". I have no clue if that's right or not, but it does at least look Japanese. Now to see if she likes it. I only did one seam because the one I did was soooo long. Didn't want to hog things up.


quiltlion said...

Beautiful!! I LOVE it! Lyn G

Thelma said...

Love it!! I think it looks great!