Saturday, September 20, 2008

Another Round Robin Done

I'm doing three crazy quilting round robins this fall, and this is another square ready to mail. I was only the second person to work on this block, and this round robin requires us to use certain stitches every month for seams. Mine was fly stitch. All the fly stitches, including the reverse fly stitch that looks like a braid, were done by me. I'd not realized how versatile a stitch it was until I played around with it! I also did the spiderweb roses on the dark blue velvet. There are still three more people to work on this block. I don't know where they're going to have room.


Anonymous said...

I love that curvy seam on the bottom. I would never have thought of turning the stitches like that. I'm stealing that idea. =)

Meg said...

Go for it! I thought it came out neat. The way I did that one was I stitched it all in one direction first and then went back with the reverse.