Saturday, January 17, 2009

A Face

completed! Even if it is one only a mother could love ... Bibendum's coming along. He's so easy to work on it's calming, especially when I have all the black done and just need to fill in the white. If anyone finds other Bibendum needlework designs out there, please tell me.


Cathy said...

You have so many wonderful projects. I love checking your blog and seeing your progress.

Juli said...

This piece is adorable!

One of my stitching goals is to start stitching on a rotation. Do you have any hints for how to organize this?

Meg said...

Thank you! And Julie, my rotation is kind of weird. I write ten things down on a piece of sticky note and go through each one. Unlike others, I don't assign a time because I forget to keep track, so I do two needles-ful then move on to the next one. I hope that helps you.