Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Road is Cobbled

Yay, another finish! I got it done on Tuesday. Not even two weeks into the year and two finishes. Not bad. This, if you remember, is Cobblefield Road by Jean Hilton, taught by Ro Pace as a cyberclass oh ... a year and a half ago? The major thing I did wrong with it - and no, I'm not going to change it - is misplace the upper/lower border. It's off by one thread. I'm not going to let it cause me anxiety and redo the whole border, though. I think it looks fine. This piece stretched me with a few of the stitches, and the Edmar threads were awful to work with. They kink and twist no matter how careful you are. They did add some shine to the finished product, though.


Front Range Stitcher said...

You did a beautiful job on this and I love your color way. Congratulations on starting out the new year with these beautiful accomplishments!

Mary said...

This is absolutely beautiful. Of course, I am partial to the colors as well. Congrats!!!

Love to Stitch 99 said...

Wow, you are on a roll and are keeping your husband busy with the framing :-)

Anonymous said...

I have been watching the progress on this piece since the beginning, and it is even more stunning that I imagined! Great job in the finishes!

Anonymous said...

A fabulous finish. Congratulations!

Meg said...

Thank you all for all the congratulations! Now to see if I can continue being so productive for the rest of the year. I don't think my husband's even thought about how to frame this yet.

Juli said...

This is so lovely! I want to learn some Hilton stitches.

The secret to EdMar threads is Thread Heaven. And cut them to 18" or less.

Anonymous said...

Meg, your piece is absolutely beautiful! I'm not very far along--still on band 1. We were remodeling our kitchen during the class and I went nuts trying to keep up. Finally, my husband said "why are you driving yourself crazy with this? Put it aside." Which I did and am now getting back to it. I have a few very special curse words reserved for the Edmar threads. LOL My husband helped me wrap them around a floss bobbin. Do you have any suggestions for the storage and usage of these threads? Edmar's website shows this new plastic sleeve thing which I can't imagine using! Would love to have seen Jean Hilton's piece with the colors of the western sunset, but she never posted any photos of them. BTW, my color scheme is the same as yours. Love the turquoises!

Marilyn Rebhahn

Meg said...

hi Marilyn-

I never figured out how to get the Edmar threads to behave. They just kink up. Someone suggested Thread Heaven, but I have yet to try it. Mine's kept in a floss-away bag. Congratulations on getting back to a project set aside! That's always hard to do. Good luck.

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