Thursday, May 07, 2009

My Favorite Bulgarian City

I really fell in love with Plovdiv. You've probably never heard of it, but it's about an hour or so southeast of Sofia. Skip Sofia. Go to Plovdiv. The architecture is amazing, there's plenty of stash to shop for, and it's the only place in Bulgaria we saw where everyone smiles back. Anyway, this top picture is of the Ethnographic Museum. It's chock full of beautiful things, and the building itself is pretty spectacular. All of it was hand painted.

Here's an example of what's inside the Ethnographic Museum. It's a mural of icons. I just thought it was really pretty. For more pictures of the Ethnological Museum and its contents, go here.
Here is a picture of one of Plovdiv's public fountains at night. It's right in front of the headquarters of the local orchestra. I just liked the novelty of it. The weather we had was near perfect, not too hot, not too cold, and not rainy.

This picture is of part of the exterior of the Saints Constantine and Elena church in Plovdiv's Old Town. Both inside and out, the church is covered in hand painted frescoes. They're gorgeous. While we were visiting, there was a baptism going on inside.

I have no idea who the guy is under the pigeon, but it was just sitting there perfectly pleased. There are a bunch of statues and busts in the very wooded public park at the foot of the main shopping road/area downtown.

This mosque was the most prominent we saw in Bulgaria. It's in a central square right next to the ruins of an old Roman amphitheater and the main shopping area. The outer area is really detailed wood carvings.
Anyway, I -loved- Plovdiv and feel we didn't spend enough time there. I'd really like to go back. As my companion loads up more pictures, I'll share a few more with you.


stitchenmylifeaway said...

It looks like you have found a treasure. Thank you for openning my eyes to the beauty of Bulgaria. I would never have though of it as a place of wonder and beauty.


Andreas said...

Plovdiv was the nicest, I definitely agree with that, but your rose glasses are on in hindsight. ;) It rained on us at least twice, if not three times there!

Overall, a wonderful city though, and probably the nicest hotel as well.