Tuesday, September 15, 2009


This is a project called "Jelly Bellies" by Caela Conn Tyler. It was to be taught at the EGA seminar this year, but didn't make. I saw the finished piece at last year's seminar and thought it'd be a good and fun piece to do. I liked it. I didn't sign up for it at seminar, though, because it didn't fit in my schedule. So... San Bernadino chapter of ANG was doing this as a pilot class, and I ghosted. This was last spring. I started it, and ran into some trouble with the directions. I put it aside, but just now added it back into my rotation. My first working on this piece since then went swimmingly well. I felt none of the frustration I'd felt earlier.
I asked Ms. Tyler if I could blog this piece, since it was a pilot, and she said yes, so here it is! I'm hoping to work more on it today and will continue it in my rotation until it's done. I really like the look of it, and thank Ms. Tyler for her design work and her permission.
So far, I've put down gauze for waves and some Angelina fiber for the first jellyfish, then stitched over the Angelina. The base layer of the first jellyfish is done and now I need to add more on top.

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