Monday, October 05, 2009

Pink Squares

My travel project got a little bit of work done on it this week. I'm still working on frames for different stitches, but it's progress. These go really quickly if you can devote more than ten minutes in the car waiting for someone to get out of work to them.


Bobbie said...


OOOOHHHH... the colors in this piece are outstanding. Is this needlepoint?

Just beautiful. I enjoy visiting your blog so much. You truly inspire me.

Susan said...

I had that question too? Needlepoint?
Can you share with us more about your 'travel' projects? I am always looking for something I don't have to take a ton of supplies and doesn't take forever to get everything out! For like drs. offices, car, etc.

If you wanted to email me privately that is fine also!
I love following what you are doing and how you get SOOOOOOO much accomplished! An inspiration!


Meg said...

Yes, it's needlepoint on a small piece of canvas. The design is no more than four inches across, more like three and a half. What I do for a travel project is get something small and easy and kit it up in one of those gallon sized Ziploc bags. Then, I either leave it in the car or leave it right next to the door to grab and take with me. It's all in the bag, and easy to take. This particular series is from Kick Back and Stitch and Fireside Stitchery kitted them up. You can go here to sign up:

Thank you both for the compliments! You may think I get a lot done, but there are weeks when I think ... "Is that all?"