Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Rhapsody in Blues

Lots of shades of blue in my Cobblefield Road, and my husband finished framing it this weekend. I really like the job he did, though he's second guessing the color of the mat.


Bobbie said...


Your framed picture is lovely. Tell your hubby that he did a fantastic job and the mat color is perfect for this piece. Just love the blues in this one. Where are you hanging this one?
It must be wonderful to have a handy husband who can do all your framing for you. You are saving tons of money this way. Does he cut the mats for you too? Does he do the mounting and everything?? Geeze, I'm so jealous.


Jo said...

Looks fantastic. Wish my DH would do my framing but unless its got a lens on the end and says Nikon on it I've no chance!! Congratulations

Susan said...

Wow, Meg, this is gorgeous to say the least! And yay for hubby!
I would love to know how in the world you get so much accomplished? I know the name is Committed Stitcher but what we all seem to try to accomplish you actually do! Congratulations!

Gill said...

I also wonder how you manage to complete so many projects - I have completed a total of 0 this year! You also manage to write the blog as well - I must spend all my time reading it. Well done anyway.

Meg said...

He orders the mats from American Frame, for the most part. No decision on the where. Yes, he makes the frame from scratch, laces up the needlework, and everything. He does a beautiful job.

As for completing so much, I feel like I don't, since I work on so many scattered projects. I just work on things throughout the day when I am not doing something else that requires my hands.

Cathy said...

Its beautiful. You are so lucky to have a talented husband who can frame for you.