Thursday, March 11, 2010

Orange, Black, and Asian

To me, this block had a lot of orange and black on it, with some Asian themes.  Here it is before my work.  The block is Diane M's.

And here it is after I finished.  I added a fan I crocheted from perle cotton I found here in Montevideo and used wooden beads for the tassel ends on the fan.  The block didn't have much in the way of seams done, so I did the one between the small fans and mine in half circles of straight stitches outlined with chain.  And, to cover pieces of seam between the fan and the flower, I did some whipped chain stitch swirls.  Lastly, I did some straight stitch seam work on the seam at the bottom.  I hope Diane likes it.  It's already been mailed to the next person.


Diane in Ontario said...

Meg, it's looking so good!!! I love all of your additions. This is one of three Asian blocks that I put together and will form a wall hanging when finished. The second block I am doing, and the third I have let my sister loose to do what she likes! It's great fun to see how this one is growing in the RR.

Meg said...

I'm glad you like it!