Friday, March 12, 2010

Sociedad Anonima - Carnaval - February 20, 2010

Sociedad Anonima is a humorista group.  They won an award at the end of Carnaval, so we'll be seeing them again tonight.  If you saw the video of the trick drummers, this is the same group. 
Even without Spanish, this skit was cute and funny.  A poor guy trying to impress his lady love ended up with a mariachi band instead of something more romantic... and the band only knew one song.  The completely stereotypical song you think of when you think mariachi.

I never quite got the reason for the huge feet on this skit.  They had a guy doing great rope tricks during the middle, and it was about this group of what we in the US would call hicks or hillbillies.  Uruguay has them too.  But the big feet?  Absolutely no idea...

And here's a picture from their finale.

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