Friday, April 02, 2010

The Southern Sky

When we went to the Gaucho Festival, we stayed out in the countryside.  It was so dark the stars popped in the night sky.  Here are some pictures of the stars of the southern hemisphere.  To actually see them you'll have to zoom in the pictures though.

This one has something streaking across the lower right corner.  We also saw either the ISS or shuttle go across the sky, but that was before the pictures were taken.

Just a longer exposure on this one.
And this is a picture of the Milky Way.  It's gorgeous.


Mary said...

That is really cool. I remember seeing the stars when I was down in Australia and seeing the Milky Way was just so amazing. I don't get to see that many stars since I live in Boston. Too much light pollution. I do get excited when I'm up in Canada only that is seems to rain alot when I'm there I'll be trying again in August to see stars up there. Enjoy the stars! :-) Hugs! Mary

Meg Welch said...

I hope you get good viewing. If you're at the right time in August, you could see a meteor shower. Thanks.