Friday, December 31, 2010

It's On The Bag

When I was stitching the kaleidoscope mandala, one person in particular would always stop and remark on how pretty the pattern and the colors were.  So, for Christmas... this is how she got it.  I sent the completed  cross stitch off to Betsy, and she made this wonderful tote out of it!  I love it.  She's got an Etsy shop now, too, and I'm sure if you have something you want made into a tote she'd do it for you.  The following pictures are of the construction.  Oh, and the recipient loves it!


DUSTY said...

The bag is gorgeous as well as the stitching.

Anonymous said...

Wow! I'm not surprised she loves it - it's gorgeous!

Looking forward to following your Crazy January Challenge (I'm taking part too).

Meg said...

Thank you both, and I already did my new stitching today! Yay!

Marcy said...

Beautiful! What a wonderful present. Good luck with the Crazy Challenge!

Anonymous said...

Ok....what challenge are we talking about here?..

would like to take part in it if you will let me.

E-Mail Addy:


and the bag is beautiful....nice work.

Maureen said...

Love this bag - what a great use of a lovely piece of stitching..