Tuesday, December 07, 2010

More Food

 We had dinner across the street from the beach one of our evenings in Punta del Este.  Here's what Andreas had.  I just ate some of this first bit and had a chorizo.  This appetizer is called a tabla del campo, and is basically a rustic thing..  Flatbread, nuts, dried meat and cheese.  It tasted good.
The above picture is of Andreas' main course.  It was three diferent fish - salmon, tilapia and swordfish, if I remember.  There was a mango salsa on top of it.  He said the fish was dry, in general, and obviously frozen.  The one that was the best was the salmon.  Despite its very long coastline, it's hard to find decent seafood in Uruguay.
We had dessert too.  This was an "exploded lemon pie".  There was very little lemon and a lot of meringue in the way they serve it here - dried.  There was also a shortbread cookie crust.  Bland, but at least it wasn't the ubiquitous dulce de leche...


Jane said...

Oh man, I sure miss Dulce de Leche!

Meg said...

I can send you some!