Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Beautiful Food

We went to Ricci's last week, and as usual, they had great food well presented - and used real sauces!  This was the appetizer, their version of a tabla del campo.  Plenty of food on it, although you'd think that "frutas secas" would mean maybe a bit more than raisins.  On the other hand, they had actual walnuts and cashews.
This was Andreas' main course - salmon in a leek and parsley sauce with potatoes and beets.  Beets are popular here.  I'm not sure why.
And this was mine.  I had chicken in a sweet sauce that could have used more spice.  In the ramekin is a sweet potato and carrot brulee.  It could have used more spice too.  They were both good and almost overly spiced for the food here, since Uruguayos run away from the stuff.

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