Monday, June 06, 2011

Dinner at La Pasiva

La Pasiva is a local chain that is approximately the Uruguayo equivalent of Cracker Barrel, without the extra store on front and with beer and wine.  It serves "traditional" food for the area.  We went to eat there a couple of weeks ago because we'd forgotten how bad it can be, especially the Punta Carretas location.  Here are pictures of what we got.  Andreas had a pasta thing and I had a milanesa sandwich.  Milanesas are basically chicken fried steaks.  My sandwich was dry, as the usually are here: they put nothing on their milanesas and everything on their hamburgers, at least when they're on buns.  Anyway, I have no clue about the peas on Andreas' dish.  It's local, I guess.  Anyway, not all meals in Uruguay are worth the price!

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