Friday, June 24, 2011

A.... Heart

I now have a great big A on the heart.  It's the start of "amite".  Now to get the rest stitched.


Unknown said...

This is where I turn back into a calligrapher, which I had as my serious hobby for 6 years.

A beautiful job of embroidering that 'A'! You've kept all the curves, and the balance/spaces just right.

Notice that it's on a slight slant? (Hold a ruler vertically down it). You might want to do all the other letters at the same slant, or you'll end up with
a) a space or not enough space between the A and the next letter
b) the whole thing looking slightly 'off' to the eye - crooked.

Hope this helps :-)

I've seen lots of letters embroidered, and this is really excellent!

Unknown said...

PS You might want to add flourishes to another letter later in the word. If you have a 'g' or an 'f' (a letter that sticks up or hangs down) that can have some fine lines added?
Just an idea, but it'll balance out the ornate 'A'.
Of course you might already have this covered - I don't know your source script :-)

mdgtjulie said...

Pretty color, and I like that script a lot. I like the more flowy kinds of scripts, so that one really appeals to me!!