Friday, July 08, 2011

Some History

In April, Leonel, one of the embassy's local employees, took us on a local political history tour.  It mainly concentrated on the upheavals of the 1980's.  The ones where the current president ended up in jail a couple blocks away for 14 years before escaping.  Anyway... the butterfly was on the lawn at the embassy before we left.  Andreas got a pretty good shot of it, don't you think?
These three pictures were taken at the spot where one of the government's ministers was assassinated in the early '80s.  He was not military, but was rightist.  As you can see from the grafitti, some people remember.  Oh, and the building's in the same block as one Prince Edward stayed in while visiting Uruguay back in the day.

This last picture is of the window he was shot from.  The leftists had broken in and tied and gagged everyone a bit before the assassination.

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