Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Lunch at Canyon Cafe

We landed in Houston on the 26th of July and had lunch the next day at Canyon Cafe with friends.  Here are pictures of everything we had.  As you can tell, we missed real TexMex food!  It was good, too.

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Unknown said...

LOL. You DO realise that you're killing me slowly with all these pictures of delicious food?
I'm on a very very restricted diet because of my neurological illness - about 20 foods in total, and none of it is fruit/veg, which is just horrible. I eat mostly custard (eggy, milky stuff that's gentle on my tum, and has lots of protein). I nearly licked the screen with the photos of the Tex-Mex - knowing that I'll probably never be able to eat beans again! Or chilli. Or proper cream. Or Tomatoes. (no tomatoes is a real killer)
....At least I have lots of friends in exactly the same position...we commiserate together and share recipes of what we CAN eat.
Meanwhile, feel free to continue torturing me. I can at least, er, eat vicarously through your blog, inbetween you stitching pieces! *grin*