Monday, September 12, 2011

A Disappointing Shop

Although The Needlepoint Shoppe in Shreveport has a large selection of canvases, the theme seems to resemble a sorority house - lots of pastels and cutesy along with the obligatory sets of Greek letters.  Displayed models were stitched almost exclusively in basketweave.  They do carry the complete line of Rainbow Gallery Splendor and seem to have all the Paternayan colors.  Other thread lines were incomplete or just plain not stocked.  I had visited to buy some stretcher bars for my Carole Lake kit.  They didn't have any.  The shop owner claimed that you never need stretcher bars to o needlepoint, so she didn't stock them. 

I know this shop has been in business for quite a while - I've visited it a few times when I've been in town, and I swear the inventory has not changed at all.  Call me disappointed on behalf of the needlepointers of Shreveport - they have no shop that allows them to experiment and expand their skills.

On a recommendation note, the finishing I saw in the shop was professionally and well done.

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